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Admin Setup Menu

This section gives basic information about some of the functions available through the administrator Setup menu.


The Setup > License menu allows administrators to manage licenses, request new licenses, and view usage of current licenses.  Assigned licenses may be automatically assigned to specific users based on the criteria of a saved search, and users may be terminated from a license if they leave the company.


The Setup > Access menu allows administrators to manage group permissions, teams, and user authentication methods.  For instance, it is used to configure authentication via Active Directory or LDAP, Single Sign-On, and SAML configuration, and to define hyperlink security settings.

Import and Export

The Setup > Import and Setup > Export wizards help administrators import and export data, or copies of their Knowledgebases. This involves defining the KB file's location, name, and format, along with settings for what data is to be exported/imported. 

Look & Feel 

Agiloft allows you to apply different colors, fonts and image schemes to different teams. The user's Primary Team sets their Look & Feel scheme. The Standard System Knowledgebase applies the same Look and Feel to all teams, but this is configurable under Setup > Look & Feel. This section is also used to define how required fields are displayed and the order of the tables in the left pane.


The Setup > Rules menu shows default and custom business rules from every table. Rules which run on a time-based schedule are prefixed "TB." In the Free Edition, time-based rules can only run once every 48 hours.

All time-based rules are disabled by default in the Standard Knowledgebase template. To enable time-based rules, go to Setup > Rules. Click the Edit icon next to the TB rule you want to enable. On the General tab of the rule dialog, scroll down to select Yes under Rule is enabled.


The Setup > Sync interface allows administrators to configure external system synchronization.


The Setup > System menu allows administrators to set global variables and the KB Time Zone, the time standard used by all fields. Administrators can also configure the Activity Log, manage choice lists, edit page headers for the Knowledgebase, and configure SOAP/REST web services.


The Setup > Localization wizard assists administrators with translating text in the Knowledgebase to other languages. The wizard gives a breakdown of the system by table with red markings on tables that need translation. The administrator may download the text file containing all the relevant field names, input instructions, etc. After translating the file into the target language, use the wizard to upload the translation file.


Use the Setup > Integrations menu to configure third-party integrations like e-signature, remote desktop support, and connect to the Hosted Word API.

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